Market Linkage

In Kenya agriculture is fundamental in economic development as it contributes to 35 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP) and constitutes 40 per cent of the export earnings. 

It generates foreign currency through the export process of agricultural products. It creates a source of employment to the population through farming, business and research activities therefore raising the standard of living of individuals. 

With the above facts in mind, a lot of emphasis is put towards increasing productivity in agribusiness sector to improve productivity per acre of various crops. But increasing on-farm productivity is only one piece of the puzzle. As well as overcoming the challenges limiting yields, market access and linkage must be emphasized ensure farmers have access to the markets that pay a fair price for their produce.

With a rich connection to both local and international markets, and owing to the fact that farmers are not adequately linked to these markets, FPC Kenya automatically plugs that limitation, and offer market Access & Linkage services to smallholder farmers in the horticultural sector. This we do by establishing market requirements and where possible, conduct technical trainings covering specific areas such as food safety, hygiene and sanitation, safe use of pesticides, harvesting and post-harvest handling methods.

After the trainings, then farmers are grouped and connected to the markets to ensure future engagements are continuous.