Technical Training

For increased productivity, farmers need to be well equipped technically with knowledge and information relevant to their practice. With increase in market surveillance and continuous employment of stringent market requirement by EU, it is very prudent to equip farmers periodically with the most recent market requirements. The set legal level concentration of pesticides in or on food.

We focus our training on the current compliance requirements by both local and European market and include the following areas most covered when implementing Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP);Basic Food Hygiene Principles, Good Agricultural Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices, Safe use of pesticides and scouting, Integrated crop management, Corporate social responsibility (CSR),Integrated Pest Management(IPM),Food safety Management Systems(FSMS),Environmental Impact Management Systems(EMS),Product Traceability, Ethical trade compliance.

We also provide technical trainings on the international consumer and safety standards such as Food Safety Standards, Social standards and Good Agricultural Practices(GAP).

We also provide training on farm support and farm management. This includes: On -the- farm support, in-farm management & farm planning, production planning, and quality management in flower production for export. Training and capacity building of the farm managers, staff in export quality and certification compliance and Kenya Gap.